JaRic Records is pleased to announce the continued endorsements of both Ricky Dee and Freddie Ravel by Roland, and Troy Michael by Gibson/Baldwin. Both companies are leaders in the development of musical instruments both electronic and acoustic along with computer peripherals.  For more information please visit the links below:

JaRic Records is pleased to announce the recent endorsements of both Ricky Dee and Freddie Ravel by Roland, a leader in the development of electronic musical instruments and computer-related peripherals.



RICKY DEE                        ( CLICK TO VIEW PROFILE)

RICKY DEE                       (CLICK TO VIEW PROFILE)



JaRic Records is excited to announce our new affiliation with QVC, through Rainmaker Artists Group. "As the music industry continues to morph through new business models, we are thrilled to be working with QVC, an industry leader that continually reflects quality, integrity and forward-thinking", says JaRic Vice President, Will Urban.  "We look forward to a long and successful alliance."



In addition to QVC, JaRic Records is distributed by more than 50 companies and their online and retail stores worldwide, including CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and many, many more.

JaRic Records is a Los Angeles-based record company with offices in L A and Nashville. Specializing in two genres, the artists currently signed to JaRic Records focus on Modern Country music or Jazz/Standards and Adult Contemporary. With worlwide distribution and sales this year expected to reach well over 1 million units, the anticipated growth of JaRic Records is becoming widespread throughout the entertainment industry.

JaRic Records' Will Urban states "We're a new label with incredible opportunity, ambitious goals and a large audience worldwide thanks to our wonderfully talented artists, an excellent, hard-working staff...and some good luck!

Many of today's releases have only a couple cuts that appeal to the consumers who purchase those CDs. We want to make sure that, because of their purchase of our outstanding product, each consumer becomes a repeat customer. This can only bolster both the size and strength of each artist's fan base, as well. We are aware that the quality of our products really means something, and we owe it to each customer/fan to make sure that they get more than they bargained for as compared to other label products. If we continue to pack our releases with great songs, we'll be guaranteed the success we are looking for...and are already starting to see.

Three of our artists will see releases in 2009, and we're supporting all of them equally. JaRic is committed to providing a consistently high level of quality service, with class and integrity, to our artists. We'd like to thank everyone that is helping to make this a winning situation for all concerned -- especially our artists and their fans".