JaRic Artists include three principal Artists along with 5 primary featured Artists: Jacki DePiro, Ricky Dee and Freddie Ravel who joined as partners in 2005. Michael Mancuso, Troy Michael, MDRN, Cory Pesaturo and Doreen Taylor.  All JaRic Artists are well respected world renowned Artists in their own right combining to encompass more than 5000 Concerts and performances in over 450 cities worldwide on 6 continents. Look for more information coming soon about an exciting project involving all JaRic Artists in 2019 that is slated for a late 2019 Holiday season release  with estimated sales in excess of 2 million copies benefiting those in need !

Each of the JaRic Artists is slated for a new 2018-2019 release album along with collaboration projects as well.

JaRic is also involved with the leading-edge and very popular Music and Wellness group piano lesson program, PLAY MUSIC - ENJOY LIFE! and will be assisting in the partnership between PLAY MUSIC - ENJOY LIFE! and the American Cancer Society implementing these Music and Wellness classes all across the USA with several new locations nationwide now planned.